Cool Quotes 2

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1.My new favorite thing to do is slip a kid $20 while his parents aren't looking and quietly whisper: "This is from your real father."

2.If a girl gets a free drink, it doesn't mean she'll be interested, it'll only mean "YAAY FREE DRINK!!"

3.Google turned 12 this year, so now we have 1 more year to use it before it turns into a teenager and wont answer anything!

4.That awkward moment when you sleep at your friends house and wake up before them, and all u can do is stare round their room for an hour or 2 until they wakeup .....

5.Blanket on, too hot. Blanket off, too cold. One leg out, perfect, until the awkward moment when the demon from Paranormal Activity grabs it.

6.That awkward moment when a couple kisses on television, and you dont know whether to look at television or your parents :P

6.Saying "never mind" when you don't feel like repeating yourself.

7.I wish the Dollar Store would sell gas...

8.The awkward moment when you lose your mom in the store and look like an IDIOT trying to find her.

9.What starts in "B" and ends in "ITCH"? Yeah, it's You!

10.Sitting in your towel after a shower because you're too lazy to get dressed.

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